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  from your Pilgrim "Still Speaking" Youth Ministry

Our 2017 Mission Trip will be led by Joycelin Fowler, David Krauter, Jenny Burney and Jeff Deahl. Youth participants include Kamil Musial, Ethan Deahl, Riley Deahl, Kaitlin Kent, Alec Ubogy, Deluanay Krauter, Lindsey Houha and Lydia Lanning.

In July they will head to Benton Harbor for a week with YouthWorks. They will partner with local organizations to meet ongoing needs in the community, and serve through painting, cleaning, yard work or other simple work projects.

Benton Harbor is a city that once thrived because of its booming industrial economy. However, there are some painful parts to its story as well, particularly in relationship to its “twin city” of St. Joseph. These two cities, separated by the St. Joseph River, have seen significant conflict due to the disparity between the two. St. Joseph is predominately Caucasian, while Benton Harbor is predominately African-American. The median household income in St. Joseph is nearly three times that of Benton Harbor. This stark contrast has led to racial tension and unrest at times, and residents of Benton Harbor also face the struggles of poverty and poor infrastructure and education. In the midst of all of this, revitalization efforts are under way, and there are many who are committed to seeing this community be restored. 


Rev. Gloria Cox
Associate Pastor, Youth & Young Adults

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