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There is a Place for You at Pilgrim

It is our hope that wherever you’ve been before, you’ll find your way to Pilgrim soon. Here, you can be your self and be at home.

A Place for All
Pilgrim is known for its welcome and its sense of the holy. We believe that God’s vision for us is to “be a home and to provide homes for all of God’s people.” Though our church house is large and historic, our church home feels familiar, a place to be your self. We seek to build a strong community, where families of origin and families of choice are honored and enriched. Join with us after service for a cup of coffee and a snack, participate in a Gay/Straight/Singles/Together social activity, and build lasting friendships at one of our camping retreats. You are welcome at Pilgrim!

A Place of Worship
Regardless of your religious background, we believe you will find both familiar and creatively new modes of worship at Pilgrim. In the same Sunday service you may experience an anthem by Handel and a hand-clapping Gospel song, a liturgy of prayer and open-mike prayer requests, powerful preaching and a hilarious children's sermon. All in all, our worship is an expression of our diversity, including you.

A Place of Peace and Justice
Our commitment to God is not just "talk the talk" but includes "walk the walk." The people of Pilgrim are both praying AND working to bring God's love to the world and planet. Pilgrims are involved in The Crop Walk, PFLAG, and African AIDS orphans to mention only a few. As individuals and as a community we believe it is critical to be outspoken against injustice and intolerance. We hope you will join your voice and shoulder with ours as we strive for a better world.

A Place of Learning
Pilgrim is committed to education at all levels. In our Sunday child care and Sunday school for all ages, to music programs and public seminars - we hope that you will find Pilgrim both spiritually stimulating and intellectually satisfying.

A Place of Involvement
Most new visitors to Pilgrim find that they are not visitors long. There are countless ways to become involved in the community of Pilgrim Church. From the choir loft to the kitchen, willing hands and open hearts are always welcome. We are convinced that everyone has a talent which God is calling into service. When you are ready, you can find your place at Pilgrim.

A Place of Giving
As we have received so we should give back. There are many ways, both formal and informal, in which Pilgrims share the abundance of God's bounty. Pilgrim makes an annual Habitat for Humanity trip, participates in the Oak Park homeless ministries and supports worldwide outreach efforts of the UCC. It is not "all about money" - Pilgrims offer their time, talent and treasure to the needy. In small and great ways, we hope you too will find the joy in giving of yourself.
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