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Adult Education Calendar 2016-17
Fall Theme = Mental Health Through Story Telling
9:45 - 10:45
The theme for the Fall Semester is mental health and spiritual health.  Central to our lives is how we manage our thinking, our emotions, our decision making and how we negotiate the mental processing of those we come in contact with.  Although there are clear physiological processes that must be managed, mental health is tied to spiritual health.  The Church is central to these healing processes.  Although we can only brush the surface of these issues through storytelling, we hope to stimulate an exploration of how the Pilgrim Community can be the environment that loves and supports mental health and spiritual challenges experienced by its members and those we touch.
Sept  11           Rally Sunday
Sept  18           Keynote: Revolution Mac Innes Tells His Story – Bipolar Disease and Homelessness
Sept  25           My Story: Spiritual Practices to Feel Redeemed and Restored – Rev Kathy Dale McNair (Specialized Ministries Dedicated to Mental Health)
Oct    2                        Sharing Our Stories, Pivotal Points in Our Own Lives – Phyllis Bowen
Oct    9                        Tower Hill (No Class)
Oct  16                       National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) – Sharing a Story
Oct  23                        Survivors of Loss Through Suicide: The Alliance of Hope – Phyllis Bowen
Oct  30                        Progress Center for Independent Living – Sharing a Story
Nov  6              Biblical Narratives and Modern Perspectives– Jim Iberg
Nov  13            Mental Health and the Church Community - Where Do we Go From Here?  Pilgrim and Unity Temple – Stuart Barnes- Jamieson
Nov  20            Advent- Exploring the Gospel of Mathew
Nov  27            Thanksgiving (No class)
Dec   4             History, Theology and Cultural Context of Carols – Greg Philips/ Wilbert Watkins
Dec  11            History, Theology and Cultural Context of Carols – Greg Philips/Wilbert Watkins
Dec  18            History, Theology and Cultural Context of Carols – Greg Philips/Wilbert Watkins
Dec  25            Christmas (No Class)
Jan     1                        New Years (No Class)





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