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Minister of Music

"I believe that the proper music of the church is whatever music comes from the genuine lives of the worshipping congregation rather than any specific style used to market to certain believers. We welcome the gifts that we God’s messy and beloved people bring from our lives and on behalf of this beloved community. The question is less 'Do I like this music?' and more 'What do we bring to share with each other and lay on God’s altar?' All are looking for transcendence and beauty and depth, and the answer isn’t Classical, or Gospel, or Rock and Roll, but 'thank you, thank you!' and 'help me, help me!'"


Joan Hutchinson has a Bachelor of Music in Organ Performance from Boston University and a Master of Music in Organ Performance from the American Conservatory of Music. She was also privileged to study for a year at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. As Minister of Music at Pilgrim since 1983, Joan plays the organ and piano, directs the children’s choir, accompanies the Chancel Choir, and sings in the Gospel Choir. She also serves as the accompanist to the Sing To Live Community Choir and the Lutheran Choir of Chicago and teaches piano.

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