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Pilgrim's Governing Council

In the United Church of Christ, churches are governed under a 'congregational' model, which means that each local church makes its own decisions how it is run, what its mission is, and how it will worship. 

Therefore, Pilgrim Church members elect a council of dedicated people to conduct the business of the church. The congregation looks to the council to perserve the whole, support the individual, empower the present and plan for the future. As we strive to be examples of Christ on earth, we look for the way of unity and peace, within our broad diversity, to make Pilgrim a home for all of God's people.

Pilgrim is our home, and we want it to be yours, too.  Home is where you can be yourself, and at Pilgrim, we want to know YOU---Jesus teaches us to love all of God's creation as a manifestation of God's vision.  Come meet us.  We can't wait to meet you.

Welcome Home!

From the Moderator

Over 20 years ago, my five-year-old biracial daughter and I wandered into Pilgrim just before 11:00 on a sunny, summer Sunday. With the congregation singing, we marched right up to the front pew and picked up a hymnal, only to discover that the service started at 10:00 during the summer. Feeling a bit embarrassed, we turned to leave and were met by several good-natured smiles and extended hands as people shared the humor of the moment. As we left, I asked if Pilgrim was an integrated church. The pastor replied, “Not really – but we’d like to be!”

Many years later, Pilgrim is indeed an integrated church – in ways I could not have imagined in the early 90’s. In so many ways – age, race, sexual orientation, income, even theology – Pilgrim is a patchwork quilt, welcoming and celebrating everyone who comes in the door. Along with my wife and both children, we grew and thrived as part of this extended family.

As Moderator of the church, it is my privilege to help us live most fully into being the community that God calls us to be. That means listening, facilitating and discerning. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we stumble, but we always listen intently for God’s call as we learn to love one another and God more perfectly.

Join in with us as we worship, and work and play together.

~Lee Capps

United Church of Christ
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